Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kama – Ayurveda: Spa kinda feel

If you can’t stop thinking about it…. Buy it!”
I am that kind of a girl who has used kitchen ingredients as cleanser, masks, purifier etc.. and then laziness and convenience took over. Off the shelf products are easy peasy. I had read about this brand from some reviews online and had decided that this should be a gift to my mom when she visits me “Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Ayurvedic Night Serum” from Kama Ayurveda. She, like me has an extremely dry skin and with growing age has impression of lines that are thickening. She has always taken her skin very seriously and from her I know the importance of cleansing-toning-moisturizing.
One visit to the gorgeous store which smelled of saffron, rose, honey, lavender, vanilla, turmeric and all the exotic in the world. I picked up the night serum, few samples to try on and a pressed coconut Natural Khus soap. The staff was warm and aware and explained each product with passion. While my mother relished her gift and experienced joy every morning for the supple and radiant skin, I used up my samples and made a list of Kama Ayurveda picks.
This is the background to the new products that I have in my skincare/haircare kitty. Logged on to and with the newly introduced Kama Ayurveda products to their website life for me got simple. I ordered for the following and will give you my first feel experience with each one of them.

Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser
Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment oil
Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream
Lavanya Natural Plant Mask
Pure Rose Water

Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser

Smells divine, infused with essential oil this cleanser gave me a squeaky-clean feel on my hair. I am not a fan of that effect as my hair is colored and I feel (in my mind) that this squeaky-clean feel would have stripped off the natural oil from my hair. Well, that is just how I feel.
The after wash feel was very soothing for the lavender. Off late my scalp has turned very sensitive. Hence this mild cleanser.
The herbal product talks about its protective properties while cleansing.  

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment oil

It is a treatment oil. I wanted to treat my sensitive scalp. I am a fan of oil. Coconut oil is my all-time go-to product but that oil feels heavy on my hair. It feels heavy on my hair in comparison to Bringadi. Perfect lightweight hair oil. I love it as it leaves the hair feeling conditioned before even it is even washed. It smells of herbs. It smells, otherwise I would have used it as leave-in.
The product claims of prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair growth. Anti-fungal and prevents scalp infection. Try it if you stay in a humidity high place.

Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream

Extremely dry skin and creamy texture face hydration is the right option for me. The texture is matt creamy. Does not leave the oily tint post application. I use this after I have sprayed some Pure Rose Water on my skin.
Highly recommended for people with dry skin. The ingredients are mixed in sesame oil (one of the oils) which helps penetrates the skin well.

 Lavanya Natural Plant Mask

Twice a weak, I have used it twice after I have bought it. The package is cult with the wooden spatula. I was advised to use it with milk for moisture and rose water if I need it dry. Leaves my skin bright, glowy and refreshed. Cannot wait to go back home and use it today.

 Pure Rose Water

Anything complimentary is extra special. Hehe. had an offer the other day. A purchase of Rs 2500/- and above will get a Pure Rose Water spray bottle. I jumped on the opportunity. Rose Water is the best toner ever and this one is from Kama Ayurveda.

 This is my review on the haul that I did from and my first-hand experience. I am looking forward to great results and would love to share them here again in some months. Do you use any of there products? Let me know.

By the way, these products are a good option as gifts. The soaps are an experience in itself. You will want to keep replenishing it. Totally worth it !!

Love always

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

December bells

December demands a nip in the air wherever in the world. The AC in tropical climatic city takes a backstage and the windows of the house gets open wide. I stay in Mumbai, hottest place in the face of India. Even here, people start taking out their light shrugs, greys and taupe colored clothes. Knit wears which somewhere look-a-like sweaters. I make believe winter in Mumbai. I have had discussions on this topic each year and I know a lot of you do too.
The temperature and the climate are getting very unpredictable this year. The temperature dips lowest to 25 degrees at night. Afternoons are hard hitting at 35.
December demands feeling festive for the Christmas and jingle bells and for the new year eve planning and partying. If you are the one who makes boozey cakes at home then this is the time to soak-in.
December for me demands bringing all the wedding pictures out, smile, and grin looking at them. Remembering the days before and after the wedding and the journey from there on. First of December always demands something special so that we remember it fondly in years to come. It’s like adding a bling bell to the string of bells already glowing.
We rejoiced in some stereotypical things of getting flowers, raising a toast, eating out and ofcourse dressing up. I have been under the weather lately but the energy of this day did not stop me from creating a look for the morning and another for the evening. Here are some pictures.
I selected a pastel pink crochet maxi dress and a denim shirt for the morning. We invited my folks to join us for breakfast in Candies. This is quaint cafe in the reclamation land of Mumbai. It was just a busiest lane with the most delicious chops and croquettes sometime back. I was so elated to see the renovation. We soaked in some Goan feel with its etched glass windows, tiled walls and vintage tables and chairs. Some good music to lean on. Double shot cappuccino along with fresh oven baked toast and masala omelet livened our senses. Mutton chop and quiche were surprising added bursts of flavor. If in Mumbai, plan a visit soon.

My evening look was darker. A short blue dress with a belt. I wore a short black jacket to make it more formal. But the heat! Teamed it up with high, tie-up wedges.

We are a fan of Vietnamese food, Thai preparations, Cambodian flavors. Just about anything, Pan Asian. Have you tried Busaba in south Mumbai? We experimented with this place for 2 reasons. 1) Pan Asian cuisine 2) Awesome reviews about the food. This place also needs a feature in your ‘to-be-visited’ restaurant.
A self-proclaimed foodie that I am, a sumptuous meal ends the celebrations on a high note. A worth-it moment was sealed.

Outfit details:
Pink Maxi dress from Prague main market shops | Shirt is a tich button washed denim from American Eagle.
Blue dress is from one of the shops in Bandra, Mumbai | Short black jacket from Veromoda

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Limitless Luxury

This month has gone in a jiffy. There were festivals and preparations towards them, Pre-parties and after parties. We played our favorite dressing up game throughout this month. I call it the luxurious month of dressing up. Luxurious in a way that all that glitters comes out of the boxes. Just not 24 carats gold (for some yes) even the dresses, accessories, houses, faces all lit up. The love flows just like river. Please read, here I am not just talking about material glitter.

I believe each one of us can experience the luxury. The experience is in quality and not quantity, It is in your personal style and not off-the-shelf style; it is in sensibility and not frivolity. It is about that heartfelt compliment and not the mere curtesy greetings, a truly fulfilling life instead of following the herd; thereby creating your own personal luxury life of peace and contentment. Living in the moment and truly being there. Acknowledging the small details around.
Luxury is always in our proximity if only we know where to look, regardless of where we might be living as long as we are open to being selective and passionate. A stylishly fulfilling life can be cultivated with careful attention, whether it be found in wine, food, fashion, home decor, gardening, or entertainment. Here’s to the good life!
There is no one way to define what I am trying to say but I would ask each one of you to give this thought a moment and reflect upon it.

“You have the potential to make beautiful things, yes. You!”
The pictures I am sharing are from one of the pre-diwali days when I wanted to wear this gold shimmer shrug gifted to me by my best friend. The fitting was a 2 sizes bigger but all thanks to my alteration tailor and my hands on designer. The shrug seemed snug on me.

Some pictures are inside the house on and around my fav bench and some pictures are from the well-decorated society entrance. The auto driver who dropped me that day felt so happy looking at the lights here. A well-created space brighten up faces.


Are you giving yourselves and your loved ones the much needed worth-it moments?

Outfit details : Offwhite small pleated maxi dress from a factory outlet in Mumbai | Gold Shimmer shrug from Muscat with love. I love the fall of this piece. A look of a cape from behind.

Shoes : Flat patent leather loafers from Zara

Monday, November 9, 2015

Kiss your skin this Diwali

Open this box of pamper
 In India we call it the season of festivals. Even the commercials are getting mushy, strongly portraying the family connect, neighbours coming together and re-iterating the community living that we have been always associated with. Every brand tells a story, which touches some chord within. Those ads and films takes me down memory lane with fondness. Diwali is here and the lights are lit everywhere.

Well, with Diwali comes a series of card parties, wholesome Indian delicacies and a-lot-of-late-nights much in advance. Our skin tells the tales later.

I say, make the most of the parties this year and go the whole hog!! We look forward to such days and what’s the point if the food and fun is not lived to the fullest. Keep the detox and strict diet plans for later. This week concept is of a cheat week with a twist ofcourse. The twist is that skin regime stays. Trust me, you will love me for this, if you follow it.

Step 1

Spray water on your face when you wake up in the morning. I have heard it opens the clogged pores. With the season change and the change in our dietary intakes, our skin behaves differently. Have you noticed? It is a good idea to buy yourself a small spray bottle. (you may want to add some drops of glycerine if you are in a cold climate).

What I use: I have this pink bottle of Vitamin E mist by bodyshop, which I usually use over my make-up. Am starting the plain water spray in the morning.

Step 2

Use a mild facewash and pat dry your face. Read again.. pat dry not scrub.

What I use: kiehl's Ultra facial cleanser for all skin type. Yes, I am a total Keilhs nerd

Step 3

Toner is important. They say Gulab Jal is the best toner. This is used for closing the pores that open up with the washing or scrubbing. Our pores open to eliminate dirt even with plain simple water.

What I use: Toner from kiehl's and sometimes when those pimples sprout out the astringent on the spot works wonders.

Feel free to continue your usual regime if it is a normal day. Moisturizer, sunscreen. But if it an evening of partying, then..

Step 4

Makeup trick for the glow. Use some ice cubes on your face. This massage will not only cool your soul, it will make your face glow. It helps in closing all the open and oily pores and increases blood circulation. This is a sure shot refresher and a dewy look. This trick is from my mom and it worked every time.

Step 5

Moisture Magic. Well moisturized is the key. Use an oil free one. Use it as the base for your base. Let it settle for 5 mins and then check if you really need a base/primer/concealer. You may want to try the BB cream tint too. I would suggest avoid too much layering.

What I use: Alternating between

·         NARS all day luminous weightless foundation. It is the lightest I have ever laid my hands on.

·         MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

·         Etude House BB cream (Korean Brand)

Step 6

Use good quality products when it comes to cosmetics. Read the instructions and ingredients well. And yes. Use clean brushes and sponges. They harbor germs and bacteria. If you are someone who is not a regular in using makeup. Blog it out or youtube it for the kind of look. Go bold, go subtle! Have fun creating. Dazzle the world.

Just before you hit the sack.

Take it out if you have put it on! Remove it before you say a good night. Shed the layers. Use a makeup remover. Oil based, cream based, wipes whatever you like. Remember remember.. even the kajal. They are stubborn but please take them off. Left over kajal are also one of the reason for those dark circles.

What I use: My favourite is baby oil massage and wipe off. Facewash and dab of Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil. I am dewy to bed and welcome my wonder sleep.

Yes! Wonder sleep it is. Even if it is late night. Try and make sure you have minimum 7 hours of sleep. Do not tell yourself that you do not have time. I am sure you will find a way.

Sip on that best drink. Water. Drink more water that the usual. Best remedy for all the dehydration cos of alcohol, late nights, pollution etc etc..

P.S: This isn’t a lot of work. It is just some ways to shower love to your skin. You love your skin, your skin loves you back. Yes, it is that magical. Tried and tested.

Spread love and happiness wherever you go. Go bask in the glory of your worth-it moment.
 P.S: This gorgeous ethinic box is a gift from a dear friend. Love it Nidhi, I had to feature this on OStruck.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Durga and the fun-fair

The soft mul cotton brushed against my skin each time I walked. Airy and light as a feather. Summer friendly and in this I will want to be a part of the flash mob.

Well, we were a week back going through one of the hottest months of the year and the Bengali Carnival co-incided. Durga Puja, addas, food from the stalls and meeting friends in 37-degree heat. The Puja Shamianas captured the heat out of those jarring halogens in the ground, but dressing up and chilling out there in the midst of the maddening crowd (who are also actually chilling) is the fun part and utmost important.

So, the sight was Sultry! Sultry days and sultry muses sashayed in their prettiest and trendiest of outfits in and around the mother goddess and together they displayed relaxed power and grace.

The story of mother goddess visiting her maiden house with her kids bounces back to action. The mythological story of how she was requested by all the gods to emerge in her power and stop the demons. The demons had taken over the worlds and the gods were pushed out of their own houses (heavens) and were walking on the earth, all confused. Does this story ring a bell? In our own consciousness? The demons within us and the god(dess) power with in us. For the confusion, victimization etc etc to go, somewhere within the goddess has to be requested to come alive. Leaving you all with this thought with a smile on my lips , I am going back to the feast, and dressing up part.

The sultry hot days and the desperate need to wear something light. So, my new possession came right on time as a gift. The gift was this pretty-looking-light-weighted saree. Yes, it is the Mul Cotton.  

Here I present to you another eco-friendly print and a super brilliant fabric. And, this time it is from our very own colourful Rajasthan. The traditional print called Bagru a quaint block printing technique loved world-wide. If you travel to Jaipur anytime soon, include in your itinerary, a definitive time to check out these creations. I have heard that they mastered this art locally. These artisans are enjoying this craft for over 300 years. The dyes used are all natural and I would love to witness the making…live!

Like I say, This fabric and the feel of this print is so comfortable that I could sleep in this saree.

A word of caution, always get your sarees ready before you wear it. I mean to say, get the fall stitched at the lower edge before you drape it. Otherwise, it may have a tear by your high heels leaving you feel sorry. Well, no points for guessing what I did in a moment of greed.(Facepalm!)

Some captures while I Pandal hopped with my family and friends and hogged on some Bengali delicacies.

Power lies deep within, all we have to do is acknowledge and flaunt! 
The mythological story depiction

Love for the autos

The red is important

Mul Cotton and Organic print
Pictures taken by: Abhinandan Chakraborty

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hail the Saree Sirens!

Unlike the fast fashion, this segment believes in its vintage swag. I wish I had my grandmother’s trousseau collection with me today. I swear, I would have done a complete justice to it. Like the way, I adore my mom’s. Ah! Those collections are for some other day.
This post is dedicated to a weave and print from the heart of India.(Literally translated from hindi – Hindustan ka dil;)). I am talking about the Maheshwari cotton Silk with Bagh print.
A soft handloom is a gift to us. It is the blend of silk and cotton and I can bet anything if you don't write back to me about its comfort. Why is it called Maheshwari? Because it hails from a place known as Maheshwar in MadhyaPradesh. Most of the handlooms are named after the place they originate from. Like, Dhakai is from Dhaka.
The USP of this weave is that it is lightweight and rich at the same time. This happens as the cotton threads counts are fine & usage of silk infuses the richness. There are online sites selling Maheshwari sarees/fabrics. But I would urge all of you to feel the fabric first in real and then get going virtual. It is an experience.
And the Bagh print is a rustic tribal art. No, it has no connection to Tiger (known as Bagh in Hindi) being printed on fabrics. Hehe. There exist a village named ‘Bagh’ in MP
This print is block printing and has held the textile world by its horns. Early 60’s saw the synthetic world luring in full force and most of the textile & handloom arts were dying. However, some stayed on and carried that patterns & arts to this generation. So so thankful. I totally totally support the artisans of India. Dig them and wear them with pride. What I find very exciting is the colours are natural dyes and I have this thing for eco-fashion.
It seems there is a process to this muted print. It needs washing in a particular river, which enhances this texture. It cannot be done anywhere else or even if done, it is not the same anymore or may be they are innovating already.  
I wear this saree as a formal wear to office and important meetings.Sarees for me is not just for festivals and weddings, I wear them all the time and love collecting those unique and traditional ones. Have a look from this mornings's Outfit.

P.S: My saree stylist & consultant is my mom. I would want to share with you her wardrobe someday.
A caution for keeping your sarees intact. Dry clean them and store please and if you think you will not wear them anytime soon then take it out change the fold, air them and then keep it back . Use Hangers if you have space in your closet and wear sarees often.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Be careful about the perfume you pick.

My Perfume Story
I declare myself a parfum addict today. This is a realization, as every time I pick a fragrance for use I lovingly call it my favorite perfume. I chuckled today! Who doesn’t like all good things in life and I think Perfume tops the list.
Like I say, every perfume has a place or time or memory attached like a glue to it. (For me). Last evening when I was reading my book plonked on my bed almost halfway lying down and also thinking what should be my insta post for tonight. That’s when Chloe popped up. I love to sniff this like an addict sniffs iodex. The best part about this one that it stays on forever. Really till the next wash. (I am not exaggerating)

From where I picked it up?
From the Changi duty free. Each time I travel out of the country perfume is my go-to section. Chloe was surely my 'that' perfume spray for the holiday. This one lingered around all the while. What I remember is this insane ride in universal studio, Singapore. Flash of the moment I was thinking about Final destination (the movie) and flash of the moment I could smell Chloe and smiled. Yes! all this while I yelled my lungs out.
Little bit about the Perfume now…
Chloe is associated with the feminine. It seems to me as if there is a girl named Chloe and it is her story. Every perfume of this brand has a stage of rose as inspiration. From the subtle smell of a closed bud to lingering effect of a full bloom beauty. A Parisian celebration of feminity and power.
Why am I not surprised!! I love it as it also has the powdery and velvety feel to the fragrance. Few of the top notes are Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey, Magnolia flowers, rose and a dash of amber, which makes it crisp.
Take note please: Not all perfumes suit everyone alike. Sometimes the perfume smells acidic. I suggest try it out and be with it for a while to make your decision. Perfume needs to blend in and that's how it becomes your signature.    

Monday, October 5, 2015

BBlunted: An experience!

Those big pink pipes on the ceiling was a pleasant sight while I got my shampooing done.
Well, I have had considerably long(ish) hair for the past two years, which I mostly kept up in a high bun. As a disciplined regime, I use argan oil serum immediately after hairwash.Then I, twist and turn to up-tie them. Here is why..
  1. Would give me a sleek and neat look.
  2. No Frizz on my naturally wavy & dry hair
  3. Gave my waves a definite curls effect when open
While I enjoyed getting compliments on my hair, there was also a part of me, which wanted to get back to my short-hair-smart cuts. That saying is so true, “Life is too short to wear boring hair”
Hehe, coming back to those Pink pipes on the ceiling. I booked an appointment at BBlunt salon for a long bob. Still unsure, if I wanted to take my hair length off.
Oh btw, the salon decor is so gorgeous!! Almost white, rugged wooden flooring and those pink pipes for an accessory to the ceiling. Old world charm colors and mirrors.
While I waited admiring the salon, Christina Creado the charming style director, BBlunt, started to understand the health of my hair and scalp. I described a sketchy image of what could be my next haircut. Obviously, ‘manageable’ is the key word.
She sniped here and she snipped slant. What I have after all the scrunch and diffuser is this final look.

With Christina just after the cut 
The best tip Christina passed on to me yesterday is that our hair needs moisturization too like our skin. Invest in a good leave-in cream. There are quite a few good products available in the market. You should consult your stylist on your next visit( set an alarm please). Your stylist can recommend creams as per your hair type and scalp condition.
What I picked up: Kerastase Creme Oleo-Curl. Keeps my hair soft and supple. Immediately worked on the frizz in our humid tropical climate. Tamed it timely.
Some tips I gathered along the way  
  • Using oil on your hair / scalp needs to be done with care. They are very heavy products. Make sure you don’t end up over using your shampoo. You might end up doing more damage to your hair by getting the pores open and damaged.
    • If you feel like ‘champi’ on your head then use it only on the roots of your hair and massage well. Wash off immediately  
  •  Be miser with conditioners. Use a 25 paise coin for the quantity.
  • Serum is for wet hair. Wet it out for best results. Use it for locking the pores out.
  • With age, chemicals & changing weather, our scalps are bearing the brunt. Pamper them well. Deep conditioning is the idea. At home or at salon, whatever works.
  • Leave-in cream is my latest to this list.
  • And finally, eat nutritious food. Drink enough water, stay hydrated, and stay happy.
I will tell you the all about the products (Ancient and latest) I use, some other day in some other post.  
While I enjoy my new short haircut and rejoice my detangled curls. You go and call your hair stylist right now or try out Bblunt. (website is a good option to know about what they have on offer)
P.S: The ritual for scalp is next on my next visit.  
Signing off as I soak in more of I-am-worth-it moments. Catch you very soon.
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

Every Lehenga has a story!

The Hunt
I am always on a hunt for a dressmaker, whose only competency is to be able to transform my quirks to a whole outfit and do it effortlessly. People who know me also know about my OK tailors back in Kolkata. He has stitched me some gorgeous pieces. I miss that old man.
This old master would do wonders to my fabrics and ideas, give it a form. I owe him for being the reason behind my quest for collecting gorgeous fabrics from local markets.
That's the back ground!!
The Find
I was aimlessly roaming in a local market of Mumbai when I chanced upon this gorgeous yellow fabric. I went inside to find more such richly decorative similar silks. Woven brocades. I remembered the designer who I wanted to visit and voila! I picked the colours.
Yellow, Blue & Red.  Did I know what I wanted? May be yes. On a hind-sight I knew what I wanted.
The Make

My best friend (M), designer & I are talking on delivery. The urgency is immense as I plan to wear it for M’s wedding. M nudges me, whispers ‘It’s not even, anywhere remotely close, dude!’ I shrug and continue speaking about the urgency. Decide on a date of trial within a weak & then the delivery 2 days after.
Know what happened. I wore this magnificent accouter on M’s wedding just 2 days after the delivery.
Someone out there de-coded my message to the universe and reality struck with a bang.  
Have a look!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fashion week(not) from the front row: Part II

All right, I have some piece of news. I have my new favorite model. It is none other than Gigi Hadid. She jumped right in my list of people from the fashion Industry who I kind of follow and like. This happened after what she spoke when she spoke. I salute you girl. A 20 year old with her head right on her shoulder, responding to negative arrows hurled right on her face. She became the target of Body Shaming after NY & Milan fashion week but refused to be the victim.
Read her open letter

This is the new leadership, not corrupt.

P.S: I would love to see her from the front row on a Fashion week.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Chalk on black: Monochrome

Taking you back to the classroom set of black board. The canvas for the white lime to glide through and form words. To simply put, It were white letters on pitch black board! We have been exposed to a beautiful world of blacks and whites since then. The Monochrome world.
Such a simplistic and yet a powerful color pallet is at our disposal. Monochrome is the combination of using tones of these colors together. Whatta fun concept.
The last week I picked out blacks and whites for my office wear and that gave me this idea of speaking to you about how these basic colors can bring the zing. (I hear, I hear that we belong to the country of colors) so, you have the creative wand. Roll it over and set the stage on fire.
I have some of my work wear looks here from the last week.It was a shorter working week for the public holiday on Friday.
Take a look at what I could put together each morning before I rushed out for office.
On Monday: The stripes and black pencil high waist skirt. Oh! Btw, horizontal strips and body types have no connection at all. Just incase, if you have already started thinking the fat and thin cliché discussions scenarios. You love stripes, wear them!
I knew some scientist someday will prove that these illusions rarely make any impact on body types. I am happy to know and tell that people have worked on countering those beliefs, those horizontal and vertical beliefs.
Tueday was fun with drapes. I decided on my favorite kurta from FabIndia and wore a white pallazo as the contrast. Sprinkled some light blue and shimmer too.
Wednesday was a hint of Victorian. A gathered pattern blouse teamed up with straight black skirt gives a look of sheer dress, which the women wore during 1800’s in summers.
Thursday, I played around with tones. Grey with black and white floral gave it a very relaxed look.
A Monochrome scheme is the most versatile – why not own it our way? You have an option of using colours, neons, jewel to add the spunk to this canvas. Share how do you like to wear your whites and blacks setting the tone high.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Open the Trunk(Show)

At Chic-a-thon, Mumbai.
Had fun Journal'in this piece. Cheers!
I walked into the 12 hours of shopping event on this rainy Sunday in Mumbai. One of the first ones to walk across the fashion bling stalls and I am happy about that. More space to explore what’s on offer, you see!. Lit up halls and aesthetically done-up pop up zones. This post is purely about my side of the story. What attracted me, what would have worked for the show, what could have been better and as a consumer, what I would have loved to know much before I decided to go there in skin and bones.
The first sight
I walked out of the lift to be attracted to this Gourmet Tea zone, what a pretty sight that was. I knew, I will get my dose of Hibiscus right there. But, what I found there was a range of mixed exotic elements in black/green/white tea. Heavenly aromatic blends. Gift bucketed in a box. Do check them out. Happily call themselves Brewlette(India).I carried an experience back, along with ‘Kashmiri Kahwa’, ‘Orange Splash’ & ‘Soothing Seabuckthorn’. Sipping on the Kahwa while I write this.
The meet the artist room:
I walked in next to a hall, which smelled of new clothes. One after the other, a slow revelation of artist’s creation took stand in front of me. The talented designers personally appeared to display their inspirations. Florals, bright(s), drapes, silks, chiffons, nets dominated the festive season show. Bling is the hottest selling in India every year this time of the year.
The Show Stopper:
Capes of course! I love them. It simply stole my heart that day. Designers had their versions of the cape and each one of it was so different and charming. Flowy best! This piece of beauty should find a place to your closet soon. Style it your way.
Show and tell:
Few interesting facts about the line-up made me stop and research more about them.
  • Poem, a crafty bag store had an exclusive launch on that day. These Delhi based Leather connoisseurs were excited about their black and coloured bag story. The designs are modern and chic. I would love to own their Structured Hobo. You may want to get a look at their website.  I have this thing for concept bags. Worth a try for sure.
  • Sonam Parmar’s creations had an edge. Everything on hanger looked delectable. The cape with a print of vintage sewing machine has marched right into my closet. And, I am already musing over all the styling twists. Will do a post very soon on that lookbook. She has designed this print and her studio in Pune inspires all things on this print. Look her designs up! Quirky, edgy and sequins. The layers and cuts are neat.    
I can go on writing about all the designers there but Poem & Sonam stayed with me.
Publicize Publicize and more Publicize:
Went a miss totally! I would have loved to know more about who is in there. What kind of line ups. Would have loved to talk to the hosts.etc etc.. me want more, you see! I love to curiously explore and I have figured out that service in India is served in a platter. So, yeah! Knowing more was important.
All-in-all, a great line up, busy designers and stall owners, curious style enthusiasts!
P.S: Roposo had their engagement stall and I did win some freebies too ;)

Friday, September 18, 2015


In the midst of this chaotic-running-errands kinda day, sometimes, someday our eyes get awestruck by that one expressive dramatized conversation. And, we stop to listen. Almost thinning into a magnetic state. This story is about being the one who can be the reason behind creating situations similar.
Finding and replacing the ‘clothes’ to ‘eye-makeup’ in this quote by Anne Klein. “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wears them will do”. Women who wear the eyes bold will change the world! Make the white of your eyes pop instead of aiming at enhancing the colour.
Eyes in itself is a very important part of expression. ‘Only if looks could kill’ is just not a mere statement. It is the fact & fiction of this real world. I tug you and ask, how dramatic is your fiction?
Kohl(Kajal), is the love of our lives. I take the liberty to talk on behalf of most of the Indian women. When we forget to rim our lower lashline with Kajal, don't we hear one or two people ask you, if you are feeling alright? That black pigment dates back several years. We have learned to get creative with it. Not now, but even this cycle goes a long way back. It is an ancient recipe. Creating, recreating and getting inspired is a never-ending cycle of this.

Remember Cleopatra-ish cat eye? The streaks are so symbolic of her.

I had read it somewhere and my grand-ma once told me that they used to wear Kajal to keep their eyes cool in hot summer days. I have this thing for knowing where it came from. Our history is very rich and everything that we use today has a reason behind it. Some of them are surely cool.
The whole of last week ‘Eyes’ was trending in #Ostruck (hehe). Harsha, the lead and muse of this story suggested 3 of her favorite basic looks on eyes which gives her the edge, drama and playfulness. So, when she shared the pictures with me initially, I could read her expressions and we had this descriptive exchange of few whatsapp chat messages.
The bright golden Sunny Eyes as she calls it makes her feel alive & on the edge. She says this represents her in all forms. Her casual side, her love affair with nature, the rockstar, the sensual streak. She described to me as if there is a girl in every woman, and there a woman in every girl. What would YOU do to emote this emotion?

Her Dramatic Dreamer look: Watch out she will flutter her lashes any moment now. The hint of pink over smudged lined eyes are fabulous option for the Indian festive season. Imagine a black or a white outfit to go along with this look.

Mysterious One, she says with a hint of desirous laughter in her conversation. She tells me in the same breath, my mysteries will never be fully resolved. The fun is when I am not trying to resolve them but play along.