Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fashion week(not) from the front row: Part II

All right, I have some piece of news. I have my new favorite model. It is none other than Gigi Hadid. She jumped right in my list of people from the fashion Industry who I kind of follow and like. This happened after what she spoke when she spoke. I salute you girl. A 20 year old with her head right on her shoulder, responding to negative arrows hurled right on her face. She became the target of Body Shaming after NY & Milan fashion week but refused to be the victim.
Read her open letter

This is the new leadership, not corrupt.

P.S: I would love to see her from the front row on a Fashion week.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Chalk on black: Monochrome

Taking you back to the classroom set of black board. The canvas for the white lime to glide through and form words. To simply put, It were white letters on pitch black board! We have been exposed to a beautiful world of blacks and whites since then. The Monochrome world.
Such a simplistic and yet a powerful color pallet is at our disposal. Monochrome is the combination of using tones of these colors together. Whatta fun concept.
The last week I picked out blacks and whites for my office wear and that gave me this idea of speaking to you about how these basic colors can bring the zing. (I hear, I hear that we belong to the country of colors) so, you have the creative wand. Roll it over and set the stage on fire.
I have some of my work wear looks here from the last week.It was a shorter working week for the public holiday on Friday.
Take a look at what I could put together each morning before I rushed out for office.
On Monday: The stripes and black pencil high waist skirt. Oh! Btw, horizontal strips and body types have no connection at all. Just incase, if you have already started thinking the fat and thin cliché discussions scenarios. You love stripes, wear them!
I knew some scientist someday will prove that these illusions rarely make any impact on body types. I am happy to know and tell that people have worked on countering those beliefs, those horizontal and vertical beliefs.
Tueday was fun with drapes. I decided on my favorite kurta from FabIndia and wore a white pallazo as the contrast. Sprinkled some light blue and shimmer too.
Wednesday was a hint of Victorian. A gathered pattern blouse teamed up with straight black skirt gives a look of sheer dress, which the women wore during 1800’s in summers.
Thursday, I played around with tones. Grey with black and white floral gave it a very relaxed look.
A Monochrome scheme is the most versatile – why not own it our way? You have an option of using colours, neons, jewel to add the spunk to this canvas. Share how do you like to wear your whites and blacks setting the tone high.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Open the Trunk(Show)

At Chic-a-thon, Mumbai.
Had fun Journal'in this piece. Cheers!
I walked into the 12 hours of shopping event on this rainy Sunday in Mumbai. One of the first ones to walk across the fashion bling stalls and I am happy about that. More space to explore what’s on offer, you see!. Lit up halls and aesthetically done-up pop up zones. This post is purely about my side of the story. What attracted me, what would have worked for the show, what could have been better and as a consumer, what I would have loved to know much before I decided to go there in skin and bones.
The first sight
I walked out of the lift to be attracted to this Gourmet Tea zone, what a pretty sight that was. I knew, I will get my dose of Hibiscus right there. But, what I found there was a range of mixed exotic elements in black/green/white tea. Heavenly aromatic blends. Gift bucketed in a box. Do check them out. Happily call themselves Brewlette(India).I carried an experience back, along with ‘Kashmiri Kahwa’, ‘Orange Splash’ & ‘Soothing Seabuckthorn’. Sipping on the Kahwa while I write this.
The meet the artist room:
I walked in next to a hall, which smelled of new clothes. One after the other, a slow revelation of artist’s creation took stand in front of me. The talented designers personally appeared to display their inspirations. Florals, bright(s), drapes, silks, chiffons, nets dominated the festive season show. Bling is the hottest selling in India every year this time of the year.
The Show Stopper:
Capes of course! I love them. It simply stole my heart that day. Designers had their versions of the cape and each one of it was so different and charming. Flowy best! This piece of beauty should find a place to your closet soon. Style it your way.
Show and tell:
Few interesting facts about the line-up made me stop and research more about them.
  • Poem, a crafty bag store had an exclusive launch on that day. These Delhi based Leather connoisseurs were excited about their black and coloured bag story. The designs are modern and chic. I would love to own their Structured Hobo. You may want to get a look at their website.  I have this thing for concept bags. Worth a try for sure.
  • Sonam Parmar’s creations had an edge. Everything on hanger looked delectable. The cape with a print of vintage sewing machine has marched right into my closet. And, I am already musing over all the styling twists. Will do a post very soon on that lookbook. She has designed this print and her studio in Pune inspires all things on this print. Look her designs up! Quirky, edgy and sequins. The layers and cuts are neat.    
I can go on writing about all the designers there but Poem & Sonam stayed with me.
Publicize Publicize and more Publicize:
Went a miss totally! I would have loved to know more about who is in there. What kind of line ups. Would have loved to talk to the hosts.etc etc.. me want more, you see! I love to curiously explore and I have figured out that service in India is served in a platter. So, yeah! Knowing more was important.
All-in-all, a great line up, busy designers and stall owners, curious style enthusiasts!
P.S: Roposo had their engagement stall and I did win some freebies too ;)

Friday, September 18, 2015


In the midst of this chaotic-running-errands kinda day, sometimes, someday our eyes get awestruck by that one expressive dramatized conversation. And, we stop to listen. Almost thinning into a magnetic state. This story is about being the one who can be the reason behind creating situations similar.
Finding and replacing the ‘clothes’ to ‘eye-makeup’ in this quote by Anne Klein. “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wears them will do”. Women who wear the eyes bold will change the world! Make the white of your eyes pop instead of aiming at enhancing the colour.
Eyes in itself is a very important part of expression. ‘Only if looks could kill’ is just not a mere statement. It is the fact & fiction of this real world. I tug you and ask, how dramatic is your fiction?
Kohl(Kajal), is the love of our lives. I take the liberty to talk on behalf of most of the Indian women. When we forget to rim our lower lashline with Kajal, don't we hear one or two people ask you, if you are feeling alright? That black pigment dates back several years. We have learned to get creative with it. Not now, but even this cycle goes a long way back. It is an ancient recipe. Creating, recreating and getting inspired is a never-ending cycle of this.

Remember Cleopatra-ish cat eye? The streaks are so symbolic of her.

I had read it somewhere and my grand-ma once told me that they used to wear Kajal to keep their eyes cool in hot summer days. I have this thing for knowing where it came from. Our history is very rich and everything that we use today has a reason behind it. Some of them are surely cool.
The whole of last week ‘Eyes’ was trending in #Ostruck (hehe). Harsha, the lead and muse of this story suggested 3 of her favorite basic looks on eyes which gives her the edge, drama and playfulness. So, when she shared the pictures with me initially, I could read her expressions and we had this descriptive exchange of few whatsapp chat messages.
The bright golden Sunny Eyes as she calls it makes her feel alive & on the edge. She says this represents her in all forms. Her casual side, her love affair with nature, the rockstar, the sensual streak. She described to me as if there is a girl in every woman, and there a woman in every girl. What would YOU do to emote this emotion?

Her Dramatic Dreamer look: Watch out she will flutter her lashes any moment now. The hint of pink over smudged lined eyes are fabulous option for the Indian festive season. Imagine a black or a white outfit to go along with this look.

Mysterious One, she says with a hint of desirous laughter in her conversation. She tells me in the same breath, my mysteries will never be fully resolved. The fun is when I am not trying to resolve them but play along.

The Magic box of aroma

The body bath ritual

Tell me you guys pamper yourself in the bath. Tell me you do not rush in and out of shower. Well, I insist on slow shower time and that too an aromatic one. Alright, I hear you. May be once in a while. I really insist!

This post of mine is inspired by the gift pack from Guerlain Eau Imperial body soap. The French perfume house takes their notes extra seriously. They launched this perfume in the 1800’s and I have no idea when the bath products came out. Nevertheless, this is the ‘it’ citrus. Therefore, you can imagine the fragrance of that body soap clouds your bath time and and…

For me it is Unisex! The lady of the house.. surely go for it and all you men out there pick one out for yourself too.

Btw, I have not been using soaps from the time douche emerged in this market. I personally think they are convenient. Plus right now I have got used to it. But but but this white bulb of aroma (referring to Guerlain soap) caught my attention and took my mind away..

Thank you Guerlain.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Go bold with Plaid

Winter or no Winter, Plaid is coming.
Plaid is back with a storm this season. Plaid is originally and typically a woollen cloth. Remember that blanket we used back in the 80’s or even before. Yeah that is the pattern, which is planning a crash back at hijack our wardrobe now. If, I had the option of redoing my house then I would have made corners out of plaid patterns to give it more cosy feel. So yeah, the home decor and the clothing lines are going to offer us gorgeous and generous options in criss-cross plaids.
Make a bold statement with the old school plaid look this season and call me to tell me about that compliment you bagged.
I started small with a midi plaid skirt with a ruffled silk top. The pictures don’t have the jacket
on but I punched it up with a jet black short fitted one today.
Another look I have for this elegant rebel is with a shirt and a lightweight snug sweater.
Let your imaginations captured these bands in varied colours. Love much 
P.S: I picked up this skirt from Uniqlo. One of my go to stores when I travel out of India. Waiting for it in India.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fashion week (not) from the first row.


But from the touch screen. yo!!

Ostruck’s Instagram feed is trending a veritable catwalk straight from NY and I have been skipping a beat each time they sashay around in those epic outfits. I have been waiting for some of these eccentric lots to showcase the skyline for a week.To give an analogy, it is how the cricket lovers subscribe to RSS feeds and go online to catch on what’s happening.
The unpredictable trends takes on a whole new dimension on what will be available on malls this season and it is a sheer glee. You believe it or not, these trends curate the reachable trends.
So, what’s my take on the trend this season? A bird’s eye view (off the screen eye view instead) is that the clothes asks you to relax. Focus is on simplicity and no fuss. Breezy fluid flowy. Wear your hair relaxed too. Soft, wavy, flowy, creamy, velvety, dreamy which will take the centre stage. Guess the mission here too is #Letgo.
Well, are you ogling at those luxe on display?
Enjoy the show you fashion addicts!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A whole linear drama

Practical & straight forward sometimes.. drama, and depth sometimes. The dressing up scene is so much fun. If someone pinpoints and asks me what is your style? I will be so confused. I will answer vague. With such  an awesome range of styles around, why restrict? I love to flow. I love to explore. I love it linear. I love all what is unique and odd one out. The quest to create is the core and rest of it just seeks me.
Look 1: Straight & linear
Check out two of my looks in the same place on consecutive days.

Look one: A bright blue shirt top with a formal cut white shorts.The loafers add definition to the whole look. A simple, straight and linear look. Slip it on and step in.

Look 2: Dramatic
Look two: Floral maxi dress. I think, I have used and abused this magnificent one to its fullest. All my friends would have seen me wearing this atleast once if not more. The fit and the fall is so dramatic and yet comfortable. Black and pink is one of the best combination for me. It is playful and brings out the feminine element.
Thanks for stopping by. Fill me up with some styles that style your attitude.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stylish Selfie break

Instagram suggest that throwback is only Thursday. I feel like it today!
That’s a loo break selfie during an APAC meet;) The tweed feel grey and white dress from H&M is very chic & comfortable. The best things about this dress are its sleeves and its fall. It accentuates the curves just right. It is the sort of thing that I would wear both to work and on weekends.
Do you have your work wear and weekend wear sorted separately or you like to mix and match? Try it, its fun that ways!!
P.S: I have an office travel coming up this week, I plan to pack all which can double up as evening wear too. Obviously with a little bit of twist. Stay tuned to get style ideas.

Thank you for stopping by. Do leave a comment to tell you what you think.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Design Story, Tattva

Given enough threads, I could rule the world…
A NIFT Mumbai alumni and a design enthusiast got together and are spinning a wonder tale of textiles and fabrics. Infused them in items of home décor and named it ‘Tattva’. Tattva is equal to elements and their inspiration is creations from wonders on earth. I was witness to both of them talking about Mumtaj, Ganne ka Rass, Sea lotus. Brings a smile, right? The drapes get their names when their quirky minds are at play.
I was sipping on my green tea and having a warm-hearted discussion on textiles and silks in India. I remembered these lines, made a quick note of it and here I write. “ Why did she make things? Well, she enjoyed it, ofcourse. But it also somehow helped her remember who she was and where she came from.” This is somehow her tribute to those weavers who believe in pure threads and not mix or synthetic.
These two powerhouses can transform your space with their spontaneous ideas with aesthetics & handpicked fabrics. Connect with them on Facebook page "Tattva" or contact the effervescent, Sona Bose at
Meet the team and look at myGanne-ka-rass sheer curtains.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Perfumes & Chemistry!!

LoveAlways Oindrila
Perfumes for me is a wonderland. It transports me to a world of fragrance, notes, elements and emotions. They say, a perfume may respond different on different people and even the experts are not sure what makes these scents go all moody. I say, a perfume responds different on me basis occasions. I have memories based on perfumes. First on my list is my all-time favorite Love in Paris by Nina Ricci. Was it the moment or the perfume itself, I will never know.
Love in Paris is space between dream and reality and so, it was for me. My wedding was one of its kind. This scent (always), triggers the memory of my wedding and of that time. This lingering one has high notes of spice, mid note of peonies and roses and crystalline base of wood and vanilla.
As Paris is always a good idea, so is this bottle of intense charm. It is romance in a small bottle.
Have you made your story of scent, yet?

A confession

LoveAlways Oindrila
This particular dress that i had picked up few years back has become my favourite these days. There was a time I used to train under Mickey Mehta's suburban centre. So, the works of power yoga, circuit trainings, cardio, strength exercise were all done post work. I stayed fit, lost oodles of weight, developed my stamina and the best thing which happened was my lifestyle changed for better. I still try and eat healthy, maintain non-erratic lifestyle and try and sleep on time (read early). With my on and off workout sessions I havenot been able to maintain the <underquotes> size zero but what the heck!! I urge people reading this to come out of the fascination to be skinny or be like that model on gloss. Be real. Be you!! Kiss yourself in the mirror every morning and say it aloud I love the way I am.

P.S.. I love you errr this dress looks better on me after I have put on those few kilos.

Awesomesauce OStruck

LoveAlways Oindrila
It was to be O for Awesome initially but then it was already taken. Well, fashion and style is something which is already taken.They all have it within, we all have it within. So, get up, dress up, show up!!
With so much prettiness, beauty and style around, I sometimes catch myself ogling at men and also women :p. My style inspirations are from beauty around me. I love to appreciate anything stylish. This is how I start. The things that leave me Awestruck is #OStruck. Simple!!
Ah! & the credit: My bff who pulled me out of the closet and made me talk about it too.She helped me finalise the name starting with 'O'.