Welcome to Ostruck! My name is Oindrila and I am the content creator of this blog on style, fashion & lifestyle. This is place where you will find simple take on personal fashion and beauty. You will also get to see some fusion between the hi-street brands to flea market pick-outs. I am a sucker for organic technique of weaves and history behind them always leave me charmed. To keep them journaled here is my agenda.

I love to hit the road more often than I don't. Also, I like to follow men's fashion trends too. We co-exist stylish(ly).

 In the quest to share with the world how emotions and ‘my’ fashion world is interlinked, Ostruck was created. 

A working professional who loves to read Murakami and can discuss on what is in-vogue the whole night and morning. My friends blurt out most often, that they could have never thought about a particular combination, ever. It's the style we create and own it!

It’s been few months into this journey and my excitement seemed no bounds when a post was featured in

Would love to hear from you all. It's the likes, comments, insta follows, emails that keep the encouragement and love pouring. I look forward to hearing from you.

Love alaways


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